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6 Tips to Avoid Burning Out While Taking Care of Your Parent

According to theMayo Clinic, one in three adults in the United States provides care on an informal basis for family members who are either ill, injured, disabled, or aging. These caregivers often experience excess stress, which can lead to depression, social isolation, financial difficulties, and burnout. Though I absolutely loved my grandmother, I still went […]

11 Best National Parks to See While Visiting Canada

No trip to Canada is complete without exploring some of the country’s stunning wilderness. The best national parks to visit in Canada offer unparalleled views of unspoiled scenery and wildlife. Plus, they’re one of the least expensive attractions in the country, giving you an easy way to stretch your budget without sacrificing the experience. Take […]

Welcome To My Blog

Hi, my name is Natasha Woods. I am a writer, lover of people, and explorer of nature. I draw a lot of inspiration from my grandmother who was my hero before she passed away in 2010. She taught me three guiding principles for life that are my pillars today: Everything starts with empathy. Let curiosity […]